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She Painted Colors on Her Face

She painted colors on her face to scare away the demons that lurk in the shadows of the mind...

Photo Story: A Little Bit of Sugar

Snow-like powdered sugar falls in an unhurried fashion from her sifter as she closes her eyes to breathe in the warm, yeasty smell of freshly baked bread....

Travel Tip: Learn to Appreciate the Little {Free} Things

In this series, I hope to provide the modern-day explorer with some of my tips and tricks to traveling, whether they are going halfway across the globe, or 30 minutes away from home.

Photo Story: Oklahoma Sunset

"There’s a stillness that happens; a slowing of things..."

Photo Story: A Gradient of Blue

Part of a collection of stories inspired by a moment in time. 300 words or less to challenge myself

Photo Story: A Piece of the Sea

He could feel the warm breeze push back his peppered hair, winding the strands together in a gentle dance

Photo Story: A Place to Call Home

The rough metal scraped at his hands as he ascended the stairway of rust...