Tag: Creative Writing

Photo Story: Worlds In Wait

Humid summer air sits its’ oppressive weight on all who enter. Time seems to slowly inch forward, spurred on by the ticking of the small round clock...

Photo Story: A Little Bit of Sugar

Snow-like powdered sugar falls in an unhurried fashion from her sifter as she closes her eyes to breathe in the warm, yeasty smell of freshly baked bread....

Photo Story: Oklahoma Sunset

"There’s a stillness that happens; a slowing of things..."

Photo Story: A Piece of the Sea

He could feel the warm breeze push back his peppered hair, winding the strands together in a gentle dance

Photo Story: A Place to Call Home

The rough metal scraped at his hands as he ascended the stairway of rust...

Photo Story: The Day Music Died

Part of a collection of short stories inspired by a moment in time. 300 words or less to challenge myself